During the building process of this beautiful home in Claremont, Cape Town, Morelle selected the finishes to complete the bones of this charming home. A mostly neutral canvas is complemented by shades of greys, off whites and anchored with dark accent feature walls.


Solid dark L-shaped sofas in the living areas lend a sense of romance and homely comfort.


A state of the art, open plan kitchen allows guests to socialise with the hosts.


Wicklow House is testament to Morelle Ellis Brown’s talent for harmonising eclectic styles . The antique gilt mirror in the entrance contrasts well with the ‘almost white’ walls, and opulent crystal chandeliers glisten over the dining table with a classic backdrop of neutral linen curtains.


Reflecting on her inspiration for the home, Morelle felt the furnishings had to have character and evoke a long-forgotten age and lifestyle …. its about creating family memories … collecting oddities as this lovely young family settle into their new home.


house wicklow

































7 forth road     newlands    cape town    7700
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