Concrete will always be unique. Today the limit of concrete is imagination and its possibilities are endless. No two objects will ever look the same due to its versatility and personality it creates ... that's the beauty of concrete!

Our Concrete panels are an alternative to actual 'Off Shutter' walls. Handmade and available in standard concrete grey, although colour can be customised upon request. These panels are produced with a well mastered manufacturing process that combines intelligent technologies with the finishing touch of human hands. This special material is made from high-performance concrete using a special formula. Advantages offer durability, corrosion resistance and excellent thermal and sound insulation. Due to its extremely long lifespan, low maintenance and high level fire safety, it can equally be used for facades, cladding systems, indoor and outdoor decorative surfaces. Concrete panels are an outstanding alternative to granite, marble, traditional pre-cast concrete, and stone. Quick and easy to install with a guaranteed end result!

Furniture being vanities, tables, kitchen counters, cladding to shop interiors, benches, floating stairs .... and the combination of concrete and wood is our achievement!

The finish is either raw concrete sealed, or polished and sealed for a perfect finish for tables and vanities. No other building material can be used in such a versatile manner, the chameleon of the industry!

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