Reconstructed architectural stonework is being used increasingly by landscapers, interior designers and architects alike, as a substitute for applications where quarried stone is either not easily attainable, time consuming or expensive to employ.

Each of our pieces have been constructed by skilled craftsmen to be used in conventional or original ways.  As our range further develops, it leads to new innovations in design, proving the flexibility of our materials and allowing us to mould virtually any shape or size, be it new designs or replicas, almost indistinguishable from the originals.

As Morelle points out, anything can be created ‘as far as the imagination will allow!’ The constructed stone is cast in moulds locally made … if you can draw it we can make it !

Morelle is well known for purpose made works including planters, step edges and large garden pavers.  Look out for her latest Interior and Exterior stone furnishings as we prepare for Summer Living.

“Garden ornaments provide emphasis and accent in a garden, drawing the eye in a particular direction. Most ornaments, because they are solid and static objects such as urns, seats, columns or statues, provide a contrast with the living things around them.”

David Hicks, 1929-1998


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