Manufactured in JHB and now being exported to both NYC & Sydney. In a nutshell my supplier has set up his company and he designs and manufactures for both commercial and residential applications, using recycled and repurposed material wherever possible. All his lighting is put together by community empowered initiatives - a labour of love in every way!

Currently the range consists of two main products namely :

A Range of lamps made from repurposed, used truck air filters. They can be hung as pendants or used as standing lamps, and won the last ESKOM Energy Efficient Lighting Design Competition. This patented design is indigenous and is truly a 'green' product in every sense of the word. They are available in numerous sizes and shapes, then finished in electroplated copper, bright nickel and brass, powder coated white or Matt black. We also have a mountain of one-off shapes and sizes that are perfect for bespoke clusters.

These are made from recycled glass and are the backbone of our community 'giving back'. Glass bottles are bought from a small army of trolley-pushing recyclers and these are broken into small pieces of glass which are tumbled so that it takes on the smooth finish of glass one would find on a beach. Mostly unemployed people are employed to tie and prepare the glass for the manufacture into chandeliers. They are supplied with the tools and materials needed. Once prepared, the stands of glass are bought back form them per kilo and assembled into these fixtures in our studio. This range of lights boasts a very relevant and measurable conscience, both in a social and environmental context ... and they are so pretty!


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